Clarity in Performance


We’re Better. Here’s Why…

The CoEfficient Success Platform allows you to harness the insights of your team to improve your performance. The world’s most exciting SMEs use CoEfficient to increase employee engagement, develop their insights, and improve business results.


Do you have the right people, doing the right thing at the right time?


Do you have a compelling and comprehensive plan for the future and do your people know it and understand it?


Are your business processes fit for purpose and sustainable?

CoEfficient combines behavioural science, revolutionary technology, and intuitive design to help you bring your true organisational performance to light.



CoEfficient allows you to compare how you’re doing against your competition in your sector, jurisdiction or location.

Extremely Flexible

Better Performance with less effort

The CoEfficient Success Platform enables leaders to consistently measure, analyse and report on 19 core elements of good business ranging from purpose and culture, through processes and risk to customers. The inputs for our unique algorithm are taken through a standalone front end survey, then displayed in real-time via a functional and interactive user dashboard.

Flexible and adaptable, CoEfficient is applicable to any organisation of people who work together and are looking to be better, increase productivity and enhance outcomes.

Behavioural Science

The CoEfficient platform is built on a foundation of organisational science validated through deep research and customer experience. It's integrated into the platform, creating a powerful connection that runs from measurement to action, and to business results.

Cutting Edge Technology
  • CoEfficient delivers human insight at super-human speed. Highlighting opportunities, uncovering issues and providing recommendations in real-time. Our technology combines proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques to save you time and get to insight faster.

  • Design is at the heart of CoEfficient. Our human-centered approach ensures that the power of the platform is delivered in a beautiful, meaningful interface. CoEfficient users can quickly understand the data and take effective action.

Totally Optimized

Easy to Use

The CoEfficient process is easy to role out to your organisation. Start making more informed business improvement decisions within days of sign up.

Got Questions? Look Here

Is there a cost attached to onboarding and setup?

Your subscription is inclusive of the support we provide to help you launch CoEfficient. Set up is super easy, and if you get stuck we’re here to help.

How easy is it for employees to participate in surveys?

CoEfficient makes it unbelievably simple for employees to undertake the surveys. You can simply email or message your staff with a link to the survey. There are no login details or passwords to remember. Our biggest survey takes about 12 mins to complete.

How flexible is CoEfficient in terms of choice of questions?

The power of CoEfficient lies in our ability to compare across departments, demographics, sectors and locations. So, the majority of our questions are fixed, however there is the ability to add in questions that you really want answers to. And of course you can change the terminology to suit your business.

How flexible is CoEfficient in terms of survey frequency?

Run the survey as often as you like! We recommend once a quarter.

Who can access the dashboard and see our data?

The dashboard reporting suite can be accessed by permission granted users only. You can have as many permission granted users as you like.

Does CoEfficient protect employee confidentiality?

We sure do. The data is 100% anonymous. No names or email addresses are attached to the data and the dashboard will prohibit filtering below 3 staff members. Your staff can feel completely safe to answer honestly and freely.

How quickly can we get started?

Straight away. Sign up, select your departments, functionality groups and locations, receive your survey link and you’re good to go. By tomorrow you could be seeing your results!

Have more questions? Get in contact here